28978: Celebrating Biblical Feasts Celebrating Biblical Feasts
By Martha Zimmerman / Bethany

Experience the New Testament significance of Old Testament feasts. Serving up rich insights into seven Jewish meals, Zimmerman explains the meaning of each repast, lists materials necessary for observance, and provides complete directions for the events. Help your family or church grasp the symbolic representations of Christ found in Passover, the Sabbath and more.
36425: Feasts of Israel Feasts of Israel
By Kevin Conner / City Christian Publishing

In outline format, Kevin Conner treats the historical-typical and historical anti-typical fulfillment of the Old Testament feasts through Christ and the Church, based on systematic theology. Conner covers both Mosaic and post-Mosaic festivals. He also briefly covers the modern Jewish festivals and provides important spiritual lessons for the Church today.
36159: Feasts of Jehovah: Foreshadows of Christ in the Calendar of Israel Feasts of Jehovah: Foreshadows of Christ in the Calendar of Israel
By John Ritchie / Kregel Publications

The seven Old Testament feasts given to Israel have ongoing significance for Christians today. Through them, we understand God's work with His people throughout time. In this practical study of the feasts of the Lord, we see types of God's grace and Christ's glory.
03986: Jesus In The Feasts Of Israel Jesus In The Feasts Of Israel
By Richard Booker / Destiny Image

Richard Booker carefully explains how Christ fulfills each revelation and how all Christians can apply to their lives the individual spiritual insights each feast offers. The study is straightforward and easy to follow, offering rich and intriguing insights into this area of Bible history, Discussion questions are included after each chapter.