281842: The Gospel of John, DVD The Gospel of John, DVD
By Buena Vista

An epic in the spirit of The Passion of the Christ, this widely acclaimed motion picture is a meticulous recreation of the turbulent era of Jesus and the events that changed the course of history! Narrated by Golden Globe nominee Christopher Plummer, it's the bold and powerful story of Jesus as told by his disciple John. The Gospel of John offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience the life and times of Jesus Christ. Close captioning. Rated PG-13. Region 1. This 2-Disc DVD includes new 129 minutes version, and 181 minutes theatrical version.

Special Features:
  • Historical Background
  • Production Design: The Making of The Gospel of John
  • Cast and Filmmakers Featurette
  • Interactive Map of the Holy Land: The Miracles of Jesus
  • Glossary of Historical Terms
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Widescreen
  • French and Spanish Subtitles
689228: Abraham, The Bible Collection Series DVD Abraham, The Bible Collection Series DVD
By Word Entertainment Inc

"Go away from your father's house to a land I will show you. Make a great nation. And I will bless all those who bless you and curse all those who curse you." A humble shepherd named Abraham hears these words from God and embarks on an epic journey to the Promised Land. With his family and a handful of followers, Abraham faces thirst, famine, war, the might of Pharaoh and his own doubts to become the father of three great religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Richard Harris leads a stellar cast including Barbara Hershey, Vittorio Gassman and Maximilian Schell in this sweeping Old Testament story. Filmed in Morocco's rugged Atlas Mountains, Abraham captures the power of God's will... and the devotion of one man. Color/187 minutes. Closed captioned. Not rated.

689426: Jacob, The Bible Collection Series DVD Jacob, The Bible Collection Series DVD
By Word Entertainment Inc

For seven long years, Jacob has labored to earn the right to marry beautiful Rachel. Now the seven years are up - but Rachel's devious father substitutes his elder daughter on the wedding night.

Matthew Modine and Lara Flynn Boyle play Jacob and Rachel in one of the greatest love stories from the Bible. Highlights of Jacob's life - how he usurped his brother Esau's birthright and blessing, the pillow of stone, the ladder to heaven, wrestling with God - are set against the heartache and hope of his relationship with the woman he seems destined never to possess. Sustained by his faith in God and his love for Rachel, Jacob perseveres... and becomes the father of the 12 tribes of Israel. Also starring Sean Bean, Irene Papas and Giancarlo Giannini. Color/93 minutes. Closed captioned. Not rated.

689525: Joseph, The Bible Collection Series DVD Joseph, The Bible Collection Series DVD
By Word Entertainment Inc

Cast into a pit by his jealous brothers, young Joseph pleads for mercy. Instead, the brothers sell the terrified boy into slavery in Egypt. But Joseph turns this agonizing betrayal into triumph.

Academy Award &#174 winners Ben Kingsley and Martin Landau highlight an outstanding cast in this beloved Biblical tale of treachery and redemption. Joseph uses his gift for divining dreams to rise from slave to Pharaoh's most trusted aide, saving Egypt from seven years of famine. Then his brothers travel to Egypt in search of food... and right into Joseph's power. "Forgiveness is greater than vengeance," Joseph declares. "Compassion more powerful than anger." But can he forgive so grievous a wrong? Also starring Paul Mercurio and Lesley Ann Warren. Color/187 minutes. Closed captioned. Not rated.

689624: Moses, The Bible Collection Series DVD Moses, The Bible Collection Series DVD
By Word Entertainment Inc

Faith in God. Escape from slavery. The two great themes from the Old Testament book of Exodus are given thrilling new life in this recreation of how Moses led the children of Israel from bondage in Egypt to freedom in the Promised Land.

Academy Award &#174 winner Ben Kingsley is Moses and Frank Langella, David Suchet and Christoper Lee potray other powerful Biblical figures in this monumental production. All the glory and spectacle are here: Moses' childhood in Pharaoh's court, God's voice from the burning bush, the dreadful plagues, the parting of the Red Sea, the granting of the Ten Commandments and the long-awaited return to Canaan. Share the journey - and rekindle your sense of wonder. Color/182 minutes. Closed captioned. Not rated.

689327: David, The Bible Collection DVD David, The Bible Collection DVD
By Word Entertainment Inc

David, poet, and musician. The simple shepherd chosen by God. The boy who defeated the giant Goliath and the man who defeated great armies. David, King of Israel.

Leonard Nimoy and Jonathan Pryce lead a talented cast in this vivid retelling of one the Bible's most powerful stories. Brave warrior David (Nathaniel Parker) leads his troops in battle against Israel's enemies and, tragically, against his own son. The film's human dimension is as vital as the combat: David's rivalry with King Saul, his bond of friendship with Jonathan, and his illicit passion for the beautiful (and married) Bathsheba (Sheryl Lee) fill the screen with emotion. When David begs to know why he must suffer, the answer comes: "Perhaps it is those who God loves the most .... that he punishes the most severely." Color/182 minutes. Closed captioned. Not rated.

324292: Solomon: The Bible Collection Series, DVD Solomon: The Bible Collection Series, DVD
By Emi Cmg Distribution

Defeating his older brother, Solomon is crowned King of Israel and rules the land with love, peace and respect. While visiting the city, Solomon meets the beautiful Queen of Sheba and falls in love at first sight. When the time comes for her to return to her homeland, Solomon is unable to convince her to stay. Bereft of her beauty and companionship, he falls into a deep depression, departing from his once idyllic world of peace and luxury while his kingdom threatens to collapse. 172 minutes, closed captioned, viewer discretion advised.
324490: Esther DVD Esther DVD
By Emi Cmg Distribution

Following the conquest of Babylon, the King of Persia gives a banquet for his people at which he requests the presence of his wife, Vashti. As she refuses the King's demand, Ahasuerus disowns Vashti and goes in search of her replacement. In his harem, he meets the young girl Esther who immediately captivates him with her charm and beauty. Unaware of her Jewish heritage, King Ahasuerus falls in love with Esther. Esther then reveals to Ahasuerus that she is Jewish and asks him to show her people mercy, because of a planned genocide of the Jews by the King's right-hand man, Haman. In doing so, she saves the lives of many innocent people and paves the way for their return to Jerusalem. 91 minutes.
689822: The Bible Collection, DVD Gift Set The Bible Collection, DVD Gift Set
By Word Entertainment Inc

Witness the frailty, triumph, and glory of Old Testament heroes Abraham, David, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, and Samson and Delilah. Stars include Richard Harris, Dennis Hopper, Elizabeth Hurley, Jonathan Pryce, Barbara Hershey, Leonard Nimoy, and Ben Kingsley. Experience anew the beloved stories you know by heart with this outstanding collection. Six-DVD boxed set. More than 16 hours of Bible stories. Not rated.

DVD Features:
  • Fullscreen
  • Languages: English & Spanish
  • Subtitles: English, French & Spanish (Movie Only)
  • Region Code 1
  • 324391: Jeremiah, DVD Jeremiah, DVD
    By Emi Cmg Distribution

    Jeremiah tells the story of the prophet who abandons his family and the woman he loves, in order to relay God's message in Jerusalem. Although he is persecuted and branded as a traitor for warning others of the destruction of the Holy City, he continues fearlessly with his mission. When his prophecy is fulfilled, he experiences first-hand Jerusalem's destruction by the Babylonians. Approx. 96 minutes.
    648291: Masada: The Complete Epic Mini-series Masada: The Complete Epic Mini-series
    By Koch Entertainment Dist

    An epic mini-series depicting the force of history! Flavius Silva (Peter O'Toole) commands the Roman Tenth Legion as they seek to quell an uprising by Jewish Zealots. With Eleazer ben Yair (Peter Strauss) leading them, can the Hebrews defend their seemingly impenetrable mountain fortress against the engineering and military might of Rome? Two DVDs, approx. 6.5 hours total.