Dear friends,

This is just a very embryonic inquiry to see if you and/or your
spouse, or family, or friends would be interested in coming on a 10
day to 2 week Israel tour sometime in the next 12 months which WE
would be hosting. Since we have lived in Israel off and on for over
20 years, and since we spend 6 months out of every year now still
living there, we have a decided advantage in preparing an appetizing
tour package.

So many folks make the mistake of saying that they don't want to go on
tour, but just to visit the land. That's fair enough for
second-timers, but if this would be your first trip to Israel, you
really need to SEE the sites as well. Of course, in planning for such
a tour, we would include additional points of interest eg.
prayer/praise over certain areas, introduction to individuals and
felowships, lectures, cultural events etc. In other words, it would be
an enriched programme.

If you are longing to go, but do not have the finances, try praying
them IN like a lot of other people do from all over the world. There
are stories after stories of God's faithfulness to produce the
necessary funding even at the last moment!

Some of you may be quite elderly, and think that there is no way you
could facillitate going. But the Ministry of Tourism has addressed
this, and provides ways of coping with steps or feared long periods of
standing etc. israel has the best doctors in the entire world too!

If you live in another country other than Canada, and would not be
flying from here, you could arrange to meet us in Israel and tie in
with the tour group there.

If this idea of taking a trip to Israel finds an echo in your
heart(s), please e-mail back to us some alternative date suggestions
when it would be best for you to go. The optimum times, so far as
weather is concerned, are the beginning of April to the end of June,
OR the beginning of September to the end of November.

Every blessing!
Merv & Merla Watson