639294: Jews & Christians: A Journey of Faith, DVD Jews & Christians: A Journey of Faith, DVD
By Marvin R. Wilson / Hendrickson Publishers

Based on Our Father Abraham: Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith by Marvin Wilson, this award-winning PBS documentary examines beliefs and rituals common to Judaism and Christianity; Jewish and Christian perceptions concerning prejudice and stereotypes; and ways both groups can promote understanding and respect. An engaging teaching tool for interfaith workshops and Bible study groups. Approx. 2 hours.
539729: Jews and Christians, Study Guide Jews and Christians, Study Guide
By Marvin R. Wilson / Auteur Productions Ltd.

This fabulous study guide is perfect for use in churches, synagogues, universities, high schools, and libraries. The guide, written by Marvin Wilson, Ph.D., is time-coded for easy classroom use with the film, Jews and Christians: A Journey of Faith. The questions under each separate theme are in two sections. The opening set of questions is tied directly to specific scenes, visuals and/or the commentary or narration provided by scholars, religious leaders or laypeople. Each of these questions is time coded, allowing the teacher, student or discussion leader to replay if desired, the appropriate part of the documentary from which the question derives.
The second set of questions under each theme is titled, "For Further Discussion." These questions seek to place the themes of the documentary in a broader context so the study material can be thought through and applied in other areas.
46863: The Forsaken Promise, DVD The Forsaken Promise, DVD
By Vision Video

The Forsaken Promise documents the failure of Britain and her appointed institutions and officials, whether military, administrative or political, to fulfill her pledge under the Balfour Declaration and her legal obligations under the Mandate. It highlights a number of tragic events that took place during that period, mainly through the testimonies of people who were victims of those events, participant in them, or eye-witnessed to them. They speak of Britain's political expediency and even treachery towards the Jewish people in appeasing the militant Arab nationalist movement, as well as causing the wholesale misery of many thousands of Jewish people who were turned away from the shores of Palestine in the 1930s and 40s. Through the 1939 White Paper, the British government also made inevitable the deaths of an untold number of Jews who could have escaped Hitler's Final Solution, had they been able to find refuge in their ancient homeland.